Front and Center is a Colorado-based marketing company that has expertly promoted natural foods and beverages since 2008. Like our clients, we know that quality is everything. For that reason, promotion means more to us than just exposure: it means exceptional consumer engagement that connects people in unexpected ways. Through diverse field activations and engaging consumers at the point of sale, we orchestrate moments that bring people together around our brands. Because we know there's nothing more memorable than feeling connected to the people around you.


What makes us the best of the best?

Our unique connection with our clients. We work like a seamless extension of your company and make your goals our own. While many agencies would rather create something expensive just to impress their clients up front, we prioritize delivering programs that will meet the specific aims and budget requirements of each brand, without any inessential fluff.

Our experienced team. Everyone in our office has spent time in the field or behind a demo table, so we approach our programs from a place of experience, not a place of theory. This insight allows us to recruit the perfect members for our field and demo teams, and gives us the ability to quickly turn goals into successful programs.



customized plans designed to make your goals achievable more quickly. no matter where your brand is in its journey, F&C has tailor-made programs to help every step of the way.



Be in the right place at the perfect time. With us, your brand is more than just a product, it's an experience! Our teams are experts in your target demographics, and they create memorable activations and lasting impressions that consumers will carry with them all the way to the stores.



Stand out when it matters. Like our name suggests, we put your products front and center in retail locations by pairing them with one of our friendly, knowledgeable brand representatives. Our extensive network of ambassadors drives sales in every market in the U.S.!


Marketing strategy

Say hello to your best ever introduction. When you consult with us, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands. We've been at the drawing boards many times before developing strategies that have launched, financed, and grown dozens of brands successfully. 


A taste of our work in the field and just some of the ways your brand could be gaining awareness in your target markets. The possibilities are endless!

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