Meet Our Team

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Avi Scheinbaum | CEO and Founder

Avi founded Front and Center in 2008 after working with some big names in the natural food industry. As a born foodie (as all of us at F&C are), some of Avi’s favorite bites include cured meats and doughnuts—the perfect sweet and savory balance. While on the road recruiting field managers, she makes a point of exploring the culinary scenes of different markets, so she's become an authority on the food scene. According to Avi, the fried chicken in Atlanta is hard to beat, and so is the candy shop in terminal 1 of LAX! On the weekends, you can find this boss lady spending time with her sons, crushing the workout of the day in the CrossFit gym, dabbling in portrait photography, and enjoying the great outdoors in Boulder.


Emily Hausman | Marketing Manager


Emily has worked in field and experiential marketing for 17 years, and has promoted natural foods specifically for 10! She joined F&C in 2012 and loves being part of such a talented team of women—and we’re lucky to have her! Spicy red curry and baking with her daughters are some of her favorite things, along with reading, exercise, and music (she even plays the violin and has for years!). In their home state of Ohio, Emily, her husband, and their three girls spend the weekends visiting family, exploring the Cleveland area, and paddle boarding on Lake Erie in the summers. But at some point in her life, Emily would like to live like a gypsy for a year or two, and thinks RV tours of the U.S. and Europe would be the dream. In close quarters like that, it’s a good thing she’s known for keeping the peace!


Leslie Bettis | Marketing Manager

Leslie began her work in the marketing industry promoting natural brands in 2010, but she’s always been passionate about healthy living! In fact, while she always has a running list of things she’d like to try, some of the top items include studying herbalism and traveling to Indonesia to become a yogi! She loves living in Portland because of its abundance of local eateries where she can satisfy her sweet tooth or dig into some fresh tacos. Leslie also enjoys exploring Oregon's countless outdoor landscapes and waterfalls, and tries to get outside whenever possible with her daughter and her husband (who was also her high school sweetheart!). From hiking to camping, kayaking to gardening, she basically does it all! (We can say the same for her work with us at F&C.)

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Nicole Lutz | Marketing Manager


Good-vibes guru and GIFs lover, Nicole, has been with F&C for four years. Before that, she worked on a variety of experiential marketing programs and even co-founded a start-up! Her favorite eats include cake and tacos, and she loves cooking for friends and family so she can share the delicious, nuanced side of vegan cuisine, which she thinks is often overlooked. Recently, she and her girlfriend moved to NYC to experience its art, diversity, and energy, and Nicole plans to walk every single block of Brooklyn in the next year (then onto the next borough!). But when she’s not doing that or kicking butt as our manager, she likes to go on runs, drink matcha, and read feminist literature. But not at all the same time.


Brittany Huff | Assistant Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer

Brittany first became involved with F&C four years ago and has been crushing it in the marketing industry since 2007 as a brand rep, graphic designer, and printmaker. She's also earned her status as a world traveler in the past when she spent several months in each India, Uganda, Sudan, and Australia! She hopes to return to the magical Cottesloe Beach in Perth with her family some day, but for now, she's happy exploring Portland's nearby hiking trails and coastline with her daughter, husband, and two pups. Britt’s also likely to be tackling a crafting project, getting to know her meat vendors at the farmers market, or cooking up a classic meal to share with loved ones—probably a labor-intensive, wine-heavy beef stew.