Noosa Yoghurt

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We’ve worked with Noosa Yoghurt for quite a while, so we know when people taste that delicious, creamy yoghurt, they are 50% more likely to head to a store and purchase it than when they just see advertising. With that number in mind, the brand came to us with the goal of getting Noosa Yoghurt into the mouths of 3 million new people within a calendar year.


f&C Strategy

Subtle isn’t really our style. In bright pink Noosa-branded vehicles that we rented, insured, wrapped, and manned, our teams distributed 4 million samples across 8 major metro markets--LA, New York City, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, and Texas (that’s Dallas and Austin, ya’ll). We initiated millions of one-on-one interactions with consumers belonging to Noosa Yoghurt's key demographic by handing out individual tubs of yoghurt, asking people about their familiarity with the brand, and sharing the reasons why they would love it and never look back. With our help, Noosa Yoghurt made an appearance at some of the best events in each market and popped up in unexpected places to create fun, personal interactions that consumers wouldn’t soon forget.


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Over the course of our year of activating, Noosa Yoghurt saw an increase in household penetration of 4 points, specifically with consumers that have some of the highest net promoter scores in the industry. Noosa Yoghurt has also continued to see improved brand awareness nationwide. In fact, it’s an ongoing joke that our Noosa Yoghurt teams have become something of an urban legend in multiple markets: people have heard about us, so when they see the pink sprinter vans, they come runnin’.

Abi Richardson | Field Marketing Manager

"My favorite part of the job was creating a strong and dependable team from my network, introducing Noosa to thousands of people from in and around Boston and contributing to the success of a game changing product in the yoghurt industry. Also, seeing the direct influence a 7 month long marketing campaign has on brand growth and awareness was fulfilling."