GoodDay Chocolate



To build their brand, GoodDay wanted to make their products easier to find and recognize in stores. In order to achieve this, they joined up with F&C to increase their shelf space and gain more off-shelf placement in Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.



F&C Strategy 

We’re all about maximizing impact. Within GoodDay’s first month of rollout, we sent our experienced demo team into Whole Foods Market stores across the country for three rounds of inspired sampling. We came prepared to share the wonderful flavor and the unique functional qualities of GoodDay Chocolate with existing and new customers. In addition, we educated WFM Team Members about what makes it different from competitors on their shelves. We also worked side by side with Team Members to establish a shared partnership role in merchandising, helping to stock product and ensure correct tag placement so consumers wouldn’t be able to miss these amazing products.

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Our merchandising program and sampling strategy helped secure ideal placement, both on and off-shelf, at more than 350 Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. As a result, GoodDay Chocolate sales have increased exponentially, and brand awareness is up considerably among consumers.