Case Study: Noosa Yoghurt


The goal

To get Noosa into the mouths of 3 million new people



When people try Noosa, they are 50% more likely to purchase than when they just see advertising





F&C Strategy

In bright pink Noosa-branded vehicles, we distributed 4M samples across 8 major metro markets--LA, NY, Chicago, Texas, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, and Seattle. With personal, exuberant one-to-one interactions, we approached consumers in Noosa’s key demographic, handing out individual cups of yogurt, asking if they’d tried it and summarizing its superior attributes. In addition to creating the first-person experience, we also created emotional connections with the brand by showing up in unexpected ways and interacting with people in a fun, memorable, and personal level.

the result

Noosa saw an increase in household penetration of 4 points; not only that, these consumers have some of the highest net promoter scores in the industry.