Case Study: Califia Farms 2017 Field Program



Califia Farms is an innovative brand of natural and delicious plant-based beverages. While they started with sweet fruit juices, they moved into decadent nut milks and creamers, and finally added cold brewed coffees and enhanced milks. They enlisted our help to promote their newer product lines, gain brand awareness, and drive sales outside of their home market of Los Angeles, CA.



We assembled a team of field marketing managers in the 4 U.S. markets where the highest concentration of Califia's target demographic were most likely to be: Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Denver. We trained our team in market and provided them with branded vehicles, marketing materials, and a strategy to make the biggest, most meaningful impact with consumers who were likely to become repeat buyers.



Over the course of 2017 program, our teams performed 780 activations at rooftop parties, concerts, vegan festivals, Daybreaker, half-marathons, Facebook HQ, and many, many more! We distributed over 600,000 samples in 4 markets and periphery areas, and totaled nearly 4 million positive impressions. Califia is currently launching their products internationally in Australia and the UK.