One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s true. We meticulously scrutinize over every detail during our hiring process to find the best sellers in the biz.  Ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, ice to an Eskimo, water to a whale… (Insert your favorite selling cliché here). Our folks can sell anything. Additionally, we know that the greatest success comes from pairing the right people with the right brands.  

We recently took on a major wine program. 300 tastings. 30 days.  Though some might think we could use our usual staff of 300+ super foodies from all over the country, we knew that we needed to dive a little bit deeper and make sure we not only had amazing sellers on this program, but a slew of self-proclaimed sommeliers, wine aficionados, and oenophiles. After digging through hundreds of resumes, conducting what felt like a million interviews, and building a few new partnerships, we managed to pull together a dream team of brand ambassadors well versed and passionate in all things wine. In doing this we saw record-breaking sales numbers, more meaningful conversations, and overall higher engagement. 

Every brand and every product has unique needs. We tailor our sampling and field programs to each brand's individual needs, from strategy to staffing. Whether you need a specific look or a niche expertise, we know how to find the right people to make the most impactful face to face interactions.  

It took some serious TLC, but we are so proud to say that we have added a brand new team of wine and alcohol experts to the F&C family and couldn’t be more excited to show them off!

Brittany Huff