In Store Demo Effectiveness

Everyone eats food. Everyone has got some feelings about what we eat and how we eat it. Most of us get stuck in routines of buying the same tried and true favorites every week. It can be difficult as a consumer to branch out and take that initial risk of trying something new. You see something new in the dairy isle and statements like “I don’t want to spend the money on something I’m not sure I will like” or “I always buy Brand X”, and “I wonder how it tastes?” run through your head.

If only there was a way to get consumers past that initial “no”… A way to sample your product in a convenient setting that drives sales…

Alright. Enough with the dramatics. We all know I’m about to start talking about the effectiveness of in store demos. Demos are the best ways to knock out those consumer “no’s” and get your product off the shelves and into the pantry. Not only does the consumer get perfectly delivered talking points, from a friendly, knowledgeable, engaging human being (this part is all about brand engagement and creates brand loyalty), but the consumer actually gets to taste the product! Tasting the product is the most important part. If you have got kick ass products (like we do!) that’s really all you need to get them hooked!

F&C keeps pretty serious metrics when it comes to our in store demos. You can always expect to see great sales results on demo days. A client of ours went from selling 2 units a day all week, to 42 units during a 3 hour in store demo! Those are some amazing results. However, the best results from an in store demo happen after the demo takes place. You’ve already hooked them. Once a consumer has tried it, liked it enough to buy it and take it home, they are more likely to come back and buy it again and again.

When you are doing an in store demo you are taking your product directly to your consumer, in the most convenient place for them to buy. Getting your product into consumer mouths is more than half the battle. So how many new mouths can you reach without in store demos?