Hiring The Right Field Marketing Manager

Finding the right FM can be scary! You have to trust someone you’ve just met… to run your program… in a city hundreds of miles away. The most important element to finding a rock star FM is TRUST. Trust that they will hire well, trust that they will show up, and trust that they will communicate efficiently. FMs typically get a lot of autonomy. Which can be a good and bad. It can either motivate them by giving them the opportunity to excel at a new challenge, or it can give them the opportunity to slack. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as you might make it out to be! F&C has got a few tips to finding the best FM’s in the biz!

Who is the face of your brand?

The look and lifestyle of your FM is incredibly important to your brand. Your FMs need to completely embody your brand. How are you supposed to convince somebody that cold pressed juice is the hot new health trend when you smell like cigarettes and look like you’ve never eaten a vegetable before? (This explains the heavy list of tech programs on my resume…glasses and a pencil behind the ear, it gets em’ every time!)

Its important to remember that field marketing is such a powerful tool because you are personifying a brand. If that person can’t walk the walk and talk the talk, it cheapens the overall perception of the brand for the consumer.

Use your network!

If you are they typical marketing mogul, you make friends everywhere you go! Don’t be afraid to use those connections. You may not be able to be in every market, but chances are you know somebody who knows somebody. After all, a friend of yours is a friend of mine, right?

Don’t skip reference checks!

If your candidates are any good at their job, they know the right answers to interview questions. Taking the time to chat with someone who has actually been in the field with them is a quick and easy assurance that your FM is the real deal.

Make the time for a face-to-face interview

Before you make the commitment, make a connection. A phone call, Skype, or Face Time chat cannot give you the full scope of someone’s energy. A face-to-face conversation gives you the opportunity to strip away the nerves and get down to the real person.

You learn a lot about a person by how they interact with others, and that’s really the name of our game isn’t it? You can learn a lot by watching. How do they enter the room? How do they greet those around them? Do they smile a lot? Nod a lot? All of these are indications of how they will perform out in the field.

When all else fails, trust your gut. If they can’t sell you on hiring them, chances are they can’t sell a great brand experience. Trust is the most important element of your relationship with your FM. Trusting yourself to make the right choice is part of the process. ;)