Field Marketing vs Social Media

You might not guess from looking at a super cool FM program that it’s actually around the same $$ output as the retainer you are paying for your social media agency. Though there are some serious pros and cons for both, Field Marketing programs actually get people to try your product, which is the best way to make a connection and a customer. (So long as you have kick ass products like we do!)

Let's get down to the important stuff. Cost vs Effectiveness.

Social Media:

Cost: Getting a few social media platforms up and running can be fairly easy and inexpensive as long as you are willing to put in a little elbow grease. However, if you want your social media to churn out results, you need a social media strategy, great content, and someone to manage that content. Were talking at least one full time person, (avg social media manager salary is 61,000 via Twitter Trending Topics costs $120,000 for one story. And just for fun we will mention how much it costs to have a sponsored story on FB…$800,000. FOR ONE STORY!!!!

Effectiveness: Everyone has social media. You can do giveaways, contests, and hook people with great content. You have the opportunity to access mass amounts of people, you are literally in their pocket. However, there are multiple touchpoints that you have to go through in order to create a connection that eventually leads to a consumer going to the store and buying your product.

Field Marketing:

Cost: There’s a branded vehicle, a team of people, the cost of product and shipping, and how did they get those cool shirts? Branded sunglasses? A pop up tent?!?! Field Marketing Programs look expensive. (If you’re doing it right ;)) There are a lot of elements involved to make sure that the brand looks premium and provides a great experience for consumers. But you would be surprised at how affordable a Field Marketing program can be. (Especially if you have a bunch of pros like us who know how to be resourceful and scrappy!) There are a lot of different factors that go into determining the cost of a FM program, but at $12-$20,000/month per market can get you those one on one interactions needed to drive sales.

Effectiveness: FM drives sales. In one interaction you are breaking through what takes multiple touch points with social media. You are also taking your product directly to people where they work, play and live, which puts the “surprise and delight” factor at an all time high. “Marley Coffee showed up at ACL, they know me, they like the same music as I do, they are cool…like me!” You share a story, and make a connection. FM programs are also hyper targeted. You want fitness enthusiasts? Lets go to yoga in the park! Lets go to that free spin class on Tuesday! Lets get out on the lake with the paddle boarders! No algorithm via social media can target like that. You are also having them try your product on the spot. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they hate yogurt. But because I’m a person standing in front of them, handing them a free Noosa, they try it. And they can’t believe that they have a new favorite food. So at the end of the interaction, they love the brand, have a coupon, and have been directed to the closest store to buy it! Voila! Perfect interaction.


The potential to reach mass amounts of consumers with social media is there. However, in order for social media to actually move the needle with your business, you need to spend a pretty serious amount of dough. With a FM program you can spend less and see bigger results. The benefit of having one on one interactions and making a personal connection with consumers is huge. The verdict is in. If you want to drive sales and spend your money where it will be the most effective… Field Marketing programs take the cake.