The Power Of The In Store Demo

Let me kick you two stories: Both stories are of great brand interactions and how they were able to connect with me. But these stories have two very different outcomes.

Here’s my story with Doisy & Dam. One evening, while chilling on the couch watching Netflix and trolling through Instagram , I came across a beautiful photo. It was a carefully crafted photo of perfectly placed non-symmetrical chocolate chunks with goji berries, nestled on top of a bed of sandy looking granola. It was pretty, and I love chocolate. So I started to follow them. This was months ago…and you are probably dying to know how our love story unfolds. I still follow Doisey and Dam, I even look forward to their photos showing up in my feed. I read every caption. I’m interested. I like the content. They do some giveaways and contests and I think to myself “that’s pretty cool, sounds like a good idea”. But I never participate. I like Doisey and Dam. I feel connected to their brand. But I have never bought their chocolate…I don’t even know what stores they are sold in. And that’s ok, because I don’t really plan on buying it.

Here’s another story. My story of Jeni’s Ice Cream. As one usually finds themselves on any given Saturday, I was at this super trendy, kind of exclusive, local food and wine show. I saw a man butcher a pig and make it look like a form of art. Octopus Tacos. It was Farm to Table at its best. At the end of the night, they had dessert. My favorite course. Jeni’s Ice Cream, made these adorable looking ice cream sandwiches. They were delicious, and artisanal. They didn’t have coupons or any signage, so I made a mental note to remember them. Annnnnd because mental notes straight up don’t work, I forgot about them almost instantly. Until I ran into a tall drink of sunshine, doing a demo at my local WFM. He had been working for Jeni’s ice cream for years. He even worked at a scoop shop in Ohio before making it down to the great city of Austin, TX. He chatted up my girlfriend and I for a good 10 minutes, just being friendly, pointing out some seriously tasty flavors and sampling us on a few he had open. He was an expert on Jeni’s Ice Cream. I told him where we lived and he told me what flavors the convenience store across the street had! I was so impressed. There were interesting flavor combos, it tasted great, and our new friend made sure we knew that it was artisanal. I bought it. On the spot. And I kept buying it. Our new friend sold it to me and I felt connected to the brand. I was converted into a customer.

Here’s the point. Though I have a great connection to both brands, only one of them converted me into a customer… and I think it’s pretty easy to see why. The power of the demo is precisely turning prospects into customers.