Field Marketing: How To Find Your Target Demographic

One of the benefits of hiring a niche marketing company like F&C is that we have key insights into our marketplace. This is especially important when developing a field marketing program. One of the first questions asked is, “who is my demographic?” The follow up question is, “how do I find them?”

I’d like to share a story about a brand I worked for in my early 20’s. This company is a great example of a company with a really great strategy for finding their target demographic. The brand was a trendy, healthy, beverage company based in SoCal. Lets call them Brand X. I was a part of their field marketing team up in San Francisco. We did a ton of guerrilla marketing. And it was SUPER targeted. This brand was looking to sample to a girl they called “Kaylin”. Kaylin was a beautiful, fun, twenty something that was the trendsetter in her group of friends. She eats clean, practices yoga, goes our to brunch with her girlfriends every weekend, shops at farmers markets and Whole Foods, and never leaves the house without makeup. She is a very specific girl. For a new age healthy beverage brand, this really sounded like the perfect demographic. I like the idea of capturing trendsetters. Great job Brand X for identifying your target demographic!

Now here’s how Brand X went about finding “Kaylin”. They hired a field marketing manager (FMM) who was Kaylin. And the FMM hired a bunch more Kaylins as Brand Ambassadors. Why? For the look? Maybe, I mean, Kaylins are super cute. But it was mostly for Kaylin’s connections. Having 5 Kaylins from all over the bay area was an amazing strategy for finding even more Kaylins! These Brand Ambassadors knew exactly where our target demographic was going to be every weekend, because it’s where they were going to be! They know where the yoga festivals are, they know when the Color Run is coming in to town, and they know where Kaylin shops, works, plays and lives.

This strategy is absolutely genius and so simple. If you want to find out where your target demographic is…hire them. If you want gym rats buying your new protein drink, hire a 260lb meathead who is passionate, well connected and creative. If you want tech bros to download your new app, hire a glasses wearing, messenger bag toting tech bro whisper! And lastly, if you are looking to market to healthy and mindful eaters, hire a marketing company full of artisanal food lovers, prepping a new quinoa recipe for the family and taking shots of wheatgrass.

That’s all for now! I’m flying high on that wheatgrass energy buzz and ready to take my quinoa bake out of the oven! ;)